pickle - provides a way to save the network’ parameters as a pickle file.

The file yann.utils.pickle.py contains the definition for the pickle methods. Use pickle method in the file to save the params down as a pickle file. Note that this only saves the parameters down and not the architecture or optimizers or other modules. The id of the layers will also be saved along as dictionary keys so you can use them to create a network.

The documentation follows:

yann.utils.pickle.load(infile, verbose=2)[source]

This method loads a pickled network and returns the parameters.

Parameters:infile – Filename of the network pickled by this pickle method.
Returns:A dictionary of parameters.
Return type:params
yann.utils.pickle.pickle(net, filename, verbose=2)[source]

This method saves the weights of all the layers.

  • net – A yann network object
  • filename – What is the name of the file to pickle the network as.
  • verbose – Blah..
yann.utils.pickle.shared_params(params, verbose=2)[source]

This will convert a loaded set of parameters to shared variables that could be passed as input_params to the add_layer method.

Parameters:params – List from get_params method.